• Long Overshoe with Strip

    Foot Protector with PP+PE Thermo Strip

    Complements our foot cover and provides additional protection against infectious viruses. The heat-sealed tape on the seams prevents leakage and makes it the perfect accessory for our jumpsuit. Wear-resistant non-slip…

  • PE Short Foot Cover Overshoes

    Disposable shoe covers; It is the equipment produced for use in hospitals, operating rooms and health institutions.        

  • PP+PE Long Overshoe

    Non-sterile, disposable boot covers are protective devices used to cover the surface of shoes. These are often used in the medical field. This way, operators can interact with patients safely,…

  • overshoes

    PP+PE Short Foot Cover

    Overshoes complete our protective coverall and provide additional protection against infectious viruses. Laminated is microporous and its seams are hidden and do not permeate. Sewn from premium-light and easy-to-wear PP…